Management and Technical Consulting Services

Sterling Energy routinely provides valuable insight and advice to facility owners, operators, investors, and developers.  Our management and technical consulting services cover a very broad range of subjects including those supporting project or plant acquisitions or development, strategic business decisions, plant management, issue resolution, financial performance, and technical problem solving.  We provide these services in all phases of power projects, from pre-development to operations.

Pre Development Phase:

  • Fuel and alternative energy resource assessment
  • Site evaluation and qualifications
  • Thermal and alternative energy power program planning
  • Power equipment technology evaluation
  • Preliminary project economic and feasibility assessments

Development Phase:

  • Site specific project evaluations
  • Project business model development
  • Project operating cost assessment and development
  • Power purchase agreement evaluations and negotiations
  • Project design evaluations
  • Power generation equipment supply agreements
  • Construction contract agreements
  • Project engineering and construction evaluations
  • Project management

Operational Phase:

  • Operations and asset management assessments
  • Project valuation analysis
  • Project acquisition analysis and support services
  • Project divesture and support services
  • Project asset value improvement programs
  • Project repowering evaluation and planning
  • Project stakeholders representation

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For more information please contact Ron Fawcett or Dave Morgan.

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