Contract Operations and Maintenance

Sterling Energy’s contract O&M services include the provision of all the personnel and management systems necessary to safely commission, manage, operate, maintain, and administer the business and technical aspects of the facility.

We’ve operated a wide range of plant types including biomass, combined cycle combustion turbine, cogeneration, and aeroderivative-based peaker.  We have operated those plants in, and are very familiar with, a variety of business contexts: merchant, power purchase agreement, and tolling.

We are currently operating the combined heat and power plant at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

We understand that the mission of every power plant business is twofold.  First, provide exceptional returns to the investors by seeking every reasonable opportunity for increased revenues and reduced expenses, while optimizing the balance between them. Second, preserve the value of the plant through cost-effective maintenance and the improvement of its human and physical assets.

We also recognize that each step in the evolution of a power plant – from the development phase through maturity – presents a unique set of management issues, priorities, dangers, and need for critical management systems.

Mission clarity, an understanding of the evolutionary phases of each plant, and our experience in each phase enables us to position each plant for success.

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